Sunday 27 July 2014

Last Post From the Field

This is an exciting and a sad time for us. Serving a mission has been such a great experience! On the one hand, I hate for it to end. On the other, we're so excited to be going home and to see everyone again. We've delivered our farewell talks, enjoyed a good-bye party, laughed and cried and said most of our goodbyes.

Since our mission officially ends tomorrow, we've been busy with final activities and preparations to leave but we still have much to do in the next couple of days. There are no other senior couples available right now to replace us, so we need to close up the apartment. The contents aren't worth the expense of sending a truck up here so we're trying to dispose of everything. 

We bought a utility trailer to allow us to take home what we want to keep, without having to travel in a crowded van. Elder Rhodes had to wire the van for the trailer and install a hitch, which has kept him occupied lately. Our trip home will be another great adventure, I'm sure.


 I had selected the following pictures at the beginning of the month but have been too busy to do anything else with them. Because I'm short on time, my comments and explanations will be sparse. 

Mission Accomplished.
Sending Elder Russell Home.

Virtual Hug

First Impression!? Greeting Sheri.

Second Impression!

Putting Sheri to work doing ..... what do you think? Teaching English of course!

View From the Tower

Like Father Like Daughter!

Ocisco Mine.

Saying Goodbye to the Elders.
Heading to Ottawa

Parliament Hill

Helping a Friend .....

Plant a Garden

Water fall at Lac Roland
 Another Ottawa Stake Conference - Another Barbecue 

Native Awards Night

 Branch Talent Night
Various Displays of Arts and Performances
Tiny branch with talented people!

An example of the finished product - A Sleeping Mat. The start was pictured in the previous post with Nicole & Karleen

It was the girls idea to hold a talent night and most of them sang. It was great.



Out of Town Talent - with back-up singers
  The Act That Stole the Show - The Short Man Routine
A Day in the Life of a Missionary

Two great teams of missionaries!

The Primary/Young Women and the Elders (and guests) were the closing act.
A Child's Prayer

Our wacky neighbors welcoming my mother.
First Impression!

Second Impression!

Third Impression - A "Thank you for dinner" note.
Sight seeing.
Old Church in Malartic

Preparing to climb the 90 steps to the Ocisco Mine observation deck.

Same Rotary tower. (97 steps high)

Bourlemaque Miner's Cabin - the original mining village that became Val d'Or

National Aboriginal Day

These sculptures are made from logs.

Treated like a queen!

People I love!

A song - a much more reverent goodbye than their hello.
God Be With You 'till we Meet Again.
(Love my Elders)

Fun P - Day
I'm bringing this game home with me!

Elder Thia's Birthday
Can you tell we're watching several timed cameras?


Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.
Joyce Meyers

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