Thursday 21 March 2013

The First Photos

(Sent by email on March 17, 2013)

Not quite what they packed for!
Sister King
 Sis King is a woman we met when we were doing visits in Ottawa. She is amazing! She is crippled and uses a wheelchair and scooters to get around town. It's very painful for her to sit so she stands all day and moves around very gingerly. She is very independent and even changes her own light bulbs in the ceiling by using a ladder that she positions herself. It takes her a couple of hours, but she does it. She turned her living room into a nativity scene. There are several sets of characters representing their progress as they travel to the stable. She buys GI Joe and Ken dolls and makes all the costumes herself. (Her favorite place to shop is Value Village.) It is a work in progress. It actually looks more impressive in person.

Sister King's growing Nativity scene

Home Sweet Home. 

Moving in...

I assume that this is the message the Elders left behind when they moved out

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