Sunday 10 February 2013

Short Update

We realize everyone's been waiting for us to post how we're doing here at the MTC. Every day I've planned to fill you in and every day we've been too busy. Last week I actually wrote on the blog but somehow I lost everything before I got it posted. I'm at the kindergarten level when it comes to blogs.

I only have a few minutes right now as Scott is coming to get us for supper soon. But I figured a little is probably better than nothing.

We are thoroughly enjoying the MTC. The Spirit there is wonderful. The people are wonderful. The growth we're experiencing is wonderful. Everyone has the same purpose, to learn to share the good news of the gospel. Everyone is trying to learn to live to be worthy of the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. We are all of one mind, with one purpose. I often think this must be what it felt like to live in the city of Enoch.

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